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One quick quote:

"There are two types of married couples:
those that had their wedding videotaped professionally
and those that WISH they had!"

1. Why Should I Have My Wedding Professionally Videotaped?
There is no better way to capture the memories of your day
than by having your wedding professionally videotaped. 

Still photography is still a must but having your wedding videotaped and put on DVD will be one of the greatest treasures you have.

2. But I am going to have a family member videotape my wedding, won't that be good enough??

It depends on what you consider good enough...

If Uncle Henry has been videotaping weddings for the past 5 years, and has the expertise to anticipate the events of the wedding day, then yes it will be good enough.  You also must remember that Uncle Henry is a family member and will want to take some time to visit with other family members. This lack of attention to "your day" might cause him to miss a wonderful moment to be captured forever.

Also you want him to be able to have a good time and enjoy the day.  If his tape is not what you expected, think how you will feel, think how Uncle Henry will feel!!

We say go beyond good enough, we say go for AWESOME!

3. Why should I have my wedding professionally videotaped? "I'm going to have my pictures to look at."

You're correct, you will have your pictures -we highly encourage you to hire a photographer and we will cooperate well with them but...

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could see and hear a video or DVD of your grandparents' wedding or even your great-grandparents' wedding.  What a priceless treasure to be able to see and hear those events 30, 40 or even 50 or more years ago.

Wouldn't you want that for your children, grandchildren, your great-grandchildren?

Hearing the love in your voices as you said your vows...

Seeing the tear in your eye as you walked down the aisle with your father...

Laughing with your friends you hadn't seen in a long time...

Watching your grandfather polka with all the young ladies...

A professional videotape or DVD will capture the feelings and memories forever of your special day and will be cherished by you and your family AND your "family to come" for years and years.

You wedding day will be one of the greatest events in your  life.
It is the day that TWO become ONE.

Weddings are a blessing given to us by the Almighty God.
Why NOT capture this sacred event?

You may also consider decorating your wedding location with with wedding flowers coupled with other adornments. These decorations deliver a sense style, beauty, and purity among others. Flower arrangements are significant components of your wedding day and should be valued and cherished.

The events of your wedding day will go by so fast, that you will only remember bits and pieces of everything you spent so much time and effort planning.

 Your wedding videographer is there to capture that special day!

Isn't it worth it for you to capture all these events of your truly most unforgettable moments? 

We say, YES - You deserve it!!


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